What To Do When You Miss A Class

Wishful thinking aside, you will miss many classes over your school years. While some missed classes may be worse than others, this is never the end of the world. But here are some things that you should do to even out the playing field:

Ask Around

Even if some students will not tell you everything or cannot remember all that was said and discussed, asking a couple of students gives you an idea of what went down. Think of it this way: each version of the story is a piece in the puzzle – get enough pieces and the puzzle starts to represent a clear image.

Contact Teacher

Whether you decide to email, call or visit your professor, it never hurts to send a message that your absenteeism was not a disregard for the course or a sign of disrespect. Simply explain why you were not there without being defensive; it is after all your prerogative to go to class or not. This shows that you are serious and will make up for any missing information.