The Lifelong Academic

The lifelong academic usually means well. This is one that has highly idealistic notions of education, school and what a degree ought to be about.

While some may at some point go through periods (at times prolonged) of cynicism and sarcasm, they generally revert back to their high sense of idealism. Expect to be tested. They view a student's success as a reflection of their work and will see to it that you succeed – so long as you play the Game. Examples of failing their test include not doing assigned problems only to learn that the exams consisted solely of these. Most will even go to great lengths to get your name right. Some may even call you by your last name as a throwback to their days in the classroom.

These professors are devoted and they believe that teaching is their calling. They view it as a craft or an art form (whether they wish to admit it or not). Since these professors have usually completed a Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D., they want to see you go through some of the pain that they endured. Call it tough love.

A professor once asked a certain running back at the University of Michigan how he felt about Coach Glenn "Bo" Schembechler ripping into him day in and day out. The player simply answered that it made him feel good knowing that the coach cared. Indeed tough words and tough love make for some of the best professors in school.