Class Is In Session: Lectures

To Go Or Not To Go?

No one really wants to go to school. After all, when that alarm clock goes off and you press snooze a dozen times, there are many places you would rather be than in class. Sparing you the trite reasons why you should go, here are the real reasons why school is worth your time:

Avoiding Surprises

Professors are usually on the ball, sticking to the outline and the exam schedule. But sometimes, some teachers could use a lesson in organization. When you skip class, you presume that what was written on the outline is carved in stone. There is no such thing. Dates change, chapters shift and plans go down the tube. Surprises are inevitable so make sure you are prepared to deal with them.

The Inside Scoop

Despite what many think, teachers do not want to see students fail. As a result, they either give away what will be on the exams or drop obvious hints. Even if you daydream of better things, being there at least gives you a fighting chance of getting the inside information.

The Whole Truth…

Fellow students listen as much as you do, so a lot gets lost in the "translation." Competitive students will never give you the whole story: why should you be able to have your cake and eat it too while they toil away in class?

Critical Path: When You Must Go

Your attendance should be mandatory at the following:

The First Class

This is when all the important information is divulged, changes to the outline are specified and important dates announced. This is when you gauge whether a class and professor will provide you with a good experience or sleepless nights (or both). It is important to be there while you still have the time to drop classes. What you do afterwards is your prerogative but being present that first day is your duty.

The First Week

This is when group projects are assigned and groups are composed. These are critical matters that will ultimately determine your grade.

The Lecture Before The Exam

Some students drop this class and opt to study. Whether they are studying beer consumption, anatomy or sleep disorders is secondary to the fact that they are missing class. This is as counter productive as one can get. It would seem obvious that the teacher will get into or discuss some of the material on the exam, but many students seem to think that time is better spent cramming.